Levi George: Animation Comics and Illustration

Levi George is a multimedia artist based out of Adelaide in South Australia. He likes drawing weird things to tell creepy stories, which means he gets to create in a lot of fun ways:

  • He’s an Animator, a lead on 2 Seasons of Yolo (Crystal Fantasy and Silver Destiny) and as helped managed those productions. Most of his animation is over at a business he co-owns; Awesome Fighter Animation.

  • He’s an Illustrator always working away drawing all kinds of strange cute but kind of cute an’ kind of creepy illustrations. If that’s the kind of thing you’re after you should check out his Illustration portfolio. 

  • He also fancies himself something of a writer. Why as we speak he’s likely working on some weird little comic book idea or short film script.

  • He’s also a teacher; he’s run workshops from Carclew Youth Arts and the Adelaide Library. As well as teaching various subjects at The University Of South Australia.

  • He’s also been working on some extensions for Adobe Animate and scripts for Photoshop.


Graphic Recording: Glossary of Gore

Graphic Recording: Glossary of Gore

It is EXTREMELY difficult to design graphics that accompany complicated ideas like this and even more challenging to draw quickly enough to keep up with the audio. But it’s a fun challenge.

Film Community: A True Horror Story

Film Community: A True Horror Story

I’ve been really enjoying playing around with Risograph style printing this year and writing comics so it was only a matter of time before I combined the two!

Smarter Fill Script for Photoshop

I regret to inform you I am back on my Plugin Shenanigans. Photoshops Fill system has been driving me crazy for the past decade. I’m spending the middle months of the year making a lot of small comics in preparation for a bigger one that I’m hoping to start properly in late 2023. The problem […]